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Cloud Journaal – aflevering 16

Maarten's Cloud Journaal

In aflevering 16 van mijn Cloud Journaal staat maar één onderwerp centraal: Microsoft Teams. In deze iets langere aflevering dan normaal (bijna 20 minuten) laat ik zien hoe Teams werkt, wat je er mee kunt, hoe het gebaseerd is op Office 365 Groups, hoe je het aanzet in je Office 365 omgeving en hoe je Connectors kunt gebruiken om signalen uit externe systemen in Teams te laten landen.

Bekijk aflevering 16 hier:

My presentation at SharePoint Saturday Netherlands 2014

On Saturday 24th of May I presented at SharePoint Saturday Netherlands 2014. The topic was “Yammer integration options for SharePoint”.

Here’s the abstract of the session:

In this session I will talk about current Yammer integration options in SharePoint, both for SharePoint Online and on-premises. We all know there is an App, but what can you do with the App? I’ll demonstrate various scenarios, from showing Yammer feeds, to engage users in published content, to building communities in SharePoint together with Yammer. And how can Yammer support your collaboration environment? When do we switch to Yammer and when do we stay in SharePoint? Both platforms are amazing and each has its own powerful possibilities. In this session I hope to show you how 1+1=3.

You can find the slides here: