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Cloud Journaal – aflevering 25

Aflevering 25 van mijn Cloud Journaal is te bekijken op mijn YouTube kanaal. In deze aflevering de volgende onderwerpen:

– Bestanden die aandacht nodig hebben, “Attention View” in het Engels (2:15)
– Nieuwe SharePoint Admin Center (5:29)
– Office 365 Groepen in de Outlook app voor iOS en Android (9:36)
– Data Loss Prevention (DLP) regel voor het ongedaan maken van delen met externen (11:29)
– Externe gebruikers met een Gmail of Yahoo account (13:44)

Bekijk aflevering 25 hier:

New modern UI for (external) sharing in SharePoint Online

Last week I was doing a last check-up on my slide deck and demos for SharePoint Saturday London (June 24th, 2017) when I noticed the user interface for sharing in the modern UI had changed. I updated my slides accordingly and showed the new UI last Saturday for the first time in a session of mine. People were impressed, and so was I. It looks slick and intuitive, but there’s still some things you really want to know about the various sharing options, so I decided to write a blog article about this. Continue reading

Promoting Azure Information Protection labels to SharePoint metadata column

Edit 1-March-2017:
Microsoft has reached out to ask me if I would be so kind to stress that the solution described below is a temporary solution and it could be that things might change in the future. Hereby stated. Now on to the article itself.

On February 8th this year, Microsoft made the latest version of Azure Information Protection (AIP) general available. You can find the announcement here:

What was also part of that release, but wasn’t mentioned in the announcement, is the integration with SharePoint metadata columns. Before this GA release, some integration was already possible, but that required registry hacks on local client machines. With the latest release it is possible to do the configuration in the Azure Portal. There are some caveats, but we’ll get to that later in this article. Continue reading