Cloud Journaal – aflevering 19

Aflevering 19 staat online op YouTube, met in deze aflevering:

– Meerdere personen toewijzen in Planner (2:57)
– Microsoft Stream: afspeelsnelheid instellen van video’s en via een URL een video op een specifiek moment starten (4:38)
– Gebruikers mailbox converteren naar Gedeelde mailbox (7:21)
– Verzonden items kopiëren van gebruiker naar Gedeelde mailbox (8:42)
– Instellingsmogelijkheden van Microsoft Teams (10:22)
– Nieuwe mogelijkheden in Kiosk (K1) plan accounts (14:59)

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Promoting Azure Information Protection labels to SharePoint metadata column

Edit 1-March-2017:
Microsoft has reached out to ask me if I would be so kind to stress that the solution described below is a temporary solution and it could be that things might change in the future. Hereby stated. Now on to the article itself.

On February 8th this year, Microsoft made the latest version of Azure Information Protection (AIP) general available. You can find the announcement here:

What was also part of that release, but wasn’t mentioned in the announcement, is the integration with SharePoint metadata columns. Before this GA release, some integration was already possible, but that required registry hacks on local client machines. With the latest release it is possible to do the configuration in the Azure Portal. There are some caveats, but we’ll get to that later in this article. Continue reading

Cloud Journaal – aflevering 18

Aflevering 18 staat online op YouTube, met daarin de volgende onderwerpen:

– Lokaal synchroniseren van SharePoint teamsites nu ook mogelijk met de nieuwe “next-gen” OneDrive for Business sync client (1:56)
– Nieuwe filters op de Actieve Gebruikers pagina in het Office 365 Beheercentrum (4:00)
– Versturen van e-mail namens een Office 365 Groep (5:05)
– Nieuwe Link web part (7:07)
– Nieuwe PowerBI web part (8:49)

Bekijk aflevering 18 hier:

Review Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD wifi mesh network

My wife, kids and I live in our current house for more than 6 years now. Since the beginning, in-house Wi-Fi has been a challenge. Our three-storey house has massive concrete walls and floors, and floor heating everywhere (which I suspect adds another barrier for the Wi-Fi signal). My Wi-Fi setup was as follows:

  • A Cisco cable router with Wi-Fi disabled (because the Wi-Fi of this router really sucks) in our meter cupboard on the ground floor, where internet enters the house.
  • A Linksys (Cisco) E4200 Wi-Fi access point on the ground floor, cable-wired to the router.
  • A EnGenius ECB350 Wi-Fi client bridge on the first floor, cable-wired to the router. I used this device, because I could (illegally) boost the transmit power on this device by using the US settings (EU regulations are stricter on allowed transmit power than US regulations).
  • A Linksys (Cisco) RE1000 Wi-Fi range extender on the second floor, not cable-wired.

The problem with this setup? The signal on the second floor was still way too weak to have a proper internet connection. The Wi-Fi signal on both first floor and second floor was quite unstable, I had to reboot access points at least once a week. Continue reading

Cloud Journaal – aflevering 17

Maarten's Cloud Journaal

Zojuist is aflevering 17 van mijn Cloud Journaal gepubliceerd op YouTube. In deze aflevering de volgende onderwerpen:

– Persoonlijke startpagina instellen in Office 365 (1:54)
– Downloaden van meerdere documenten tegelijk (2:48)
– Nieuwe admin rapportages (3:59)
– Bestandenoverzicht in Office 365 Groups (8:37)
– Nieuwspagina’s in moderne teamsites (11:08)
– Mailboxen in Exchange Online Plan 2 abonnementen naar 100 GB (14:47)

Bekijk aflevering 17 hier: