Cloud Journaal – aflevering 2

Het is een feit: aflevering 2 is zojuist online gezet, dus mijn videoblog is nu officieel een serie :)


In deze aflevering de volgende onderwerpen:

– Een kleine twee weken geleden is Office 2016 officieel uitgekomen. In de vlog laat ik zien hoe je nog gemakkelijker bestanden kunt delen vanuit Office, wat Microsoft heeft verbeterd in Outlook om bestanden als bijlage in e-mails mee te sturen en hoe je vanuit Outlook nu ook Office 365 Groups kunt benaderen. Wat niet aan bod komt in de vlog, maar wel aardig is om te delen, zijn de nieuwe “Aan de slag” handleidingen voor Office 2016. De Nederlandstalige varianten vind je hier.
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New video blog series for Dutch speaking audience

Microsoft is releasing new features for their Office 365 platform all the time, these days. Or they implement changes to existing functionality. Although Microsoft tries her best to inform both end-users and her partners on these changes, by means of blog posts, the Office 365 Message Center, the Office 365 Roadmap, etc., I believe most users are just overtaken by the Office 365 release schedule. Time for a video blog, specifically targeted to a Dutch speaking audience.

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Yammer Embed configuration parameters – update

As you all know by now (or should know), the Yammer App for SharePoint will be discontinued as of 15 September 2015. If you were not aware yet, I really urge you to read this announcement on the Office 365 Network on Yammer:

The single solution going forward to embed Yammer feeds in SharePoint (or other web applications) is Yammer Embed. Yammer Embed is a set of JavaScript widgets that enable you to display specific Yammer feeds or functions inside any HTML based application. I already wrote about this in my article for DIWUG SharePoint Magazine in June this year, where I also explained the configuration parameters for Yammer Embed that were available back then. I just found out Microsoft has updated the Yammer Embed Widget Configuration page ( and added some parameters for the Open Graph object type feed. Time for an update article from my side! Continue reading

Current Yammer integration options in SharePoint

In June 2012 Microsoft announced they acquired Yammer. This caused a lot of confusion at first; how about SharePoint social features? How do these compare to Yammer? Should I even be using SharePoint social now? How do the two integrate? It took Microsoft almost a year to make a statement that was useful for us. In March 2013 Jared Spataro, back then the senior director of Microsoft’s Office division, shouted out: Go Yammer! He announced that “Yammer is our big bet for enterprise social, and we’re committed to making it the underlying social layer for all of our products.”

Now it’s two years later. Let’s see where we are at with Microsoft’s social story in combination with SharePoint. In this article I’ll be demonstrating two great integration scenarios that are currently available: Document Conversations, which is a feature that exists for SharePoint Online only, and Yammer Embed, which is very usable for both SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013 on-premises. Continue reading