Current Yammer integration options in SharePoint

In June 2012 Microsoft announced they acquired Yammer. This caused a lot of confusion at first; how about SharePoint social features? How do these compare to Yammer? Should I even be using SharePoint social now? How do the two integrate? It took Microsoft almost a year to make a statement that was useful for us. In March 2013 Jared Spataro, back then the senior director of Microsoft’s Office division, shouted out: Go Yammer! He announced that “Yammer is our big bet for enterprise social, and we’re committed to making it the underlying social layer for all of our products.”

Now it’s two years later. Let’s see where we are at with Microsoft’s social story in combination with SharePoint. In this article I’ll be demonstrating two great integration scenarios that are currently available: Document Conversations, which is a feature that exists for SharePoint Online only, and Yammer Embed, which is very usable for both SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013 on-premises. Continue reading

Changes to the default versioning setting for SharePoint Online document libraries

Today I learned that Microsoft has recently enabled the “Create major versions” option in all document libraries in SharePoint Online where versioning was not enabled yet. This option is from now on also enabled for document libraries on all newly created sites. You can find the corresponding Microsoft Support article here:


Good thing they have set the maximum number of major versions to keep to 500 Smile Continue reading

Change the language of the Office 365 “system e-mails”

About a year ago, a customer of ours provisioned their brand new Office 365 tenant with Dutch language settings. But they are an international organization, and their official internal language is English.

That resulted in a problem.


Until recently it was not possible to change the language of system e-mails in Office 365. With system e-mails I mean e-mails like the “New or modified user account information” e-mails that are sent out when you create a new user or reset the password of an existing user. When you provisioned a new Office 365 tenant with specific language settings, you were bound to that language. Of course individual users could set up their own language settings, and in SharePoint Online you could already create new sites in the language of your choice. But to change the language of those e-mails, just not possible. Continue reading

My presentation at SharePoint Saturday Netherlands 2014

On Saturday 24th of May I presented at SharePoint Saturday Netherlands 2014. The topic was “Yammer integration options for SharePoint”.

Here’s the abstract of the session:

In this session I will talk about current Yammer integration options in SharePoint, both for SharePoint Online and on-premises. We all know there is an App, but what can you do with the App? I’ll demonstrate various scenarios, from showing Yammer feeds, to engage users in published content, to building communities in SharePoint together with Yammer. And how can Yammer support your collaboration environment? When do we switch to Yammer and when do we stay in SharePoint? Both platforms are amazing and each has its own powerful possibilities. In this session I hope to show you how 1+1=3.

You can find the slides here: